Beck Diet Solution

One of the greatest aspects of losing weight is how many good things come as a result. It’s not as if you have to work hard, be disciplined, make healthy choices, and get nothing in return. Just the opposite is true - by doing all of these things you get THE MOST IMPORTANT things in return (health, self-confidence, control, pride, reduced physical and emotional pain, etc.)

Dr. Aaron Beck and Judith Beck discuss current literature on combining medication with cognitive behavior therapy.

How do you think your clients would feel if they could could stay home, open their computer or laptop, and have a therapy session? Dr. Russ Morfitt discusses the benefits of online counseling for anxiety.

New Blog Post: When targeting patients who might have difficulties in accessing care, primary care clinicians may consider both face to face and telephone administered CBT.

Our next CBT for Substance Abuse Workshop will take place in May 2015. For more information, or to register, visit our website.

Advances in technology can support mental health professionals. 

Thank you to the great group who attended our CBT for Substance Abuse Workshop!